Sensitive Skin

What is a sensitive skin type?

People with sensitive skin are more prone to inflammation or adverse reactions when their skin is applied with strong chemicals, dyes, and even fragrances that are present in products that come in contact with their skin. According to dermatologists, you may have sensitive skin if you have experienced these, and they are persistent:

  • Your skin experienced reactions such as pustules, skin bumps, or skin erosion.
  • A tendency to blush and skin flushing.
  • Your skin gets very dry and you feel a stinging and/or burning sensation when applying beauty products.
  • Your skin reacts to bad weather.
    • How do you care for sensitive skin?

      According to research from the Environmental Working Group, on average, women use 12 skin products a day that expose them to 168 chemical ingredients. That and the other factors such as pollution, hormonal changes, and anxiety add more pressure to your skin that may increase your chance of having sensitive skin. But no worries, with the right sensitive skincare products, you’ll find relief in no time.

      Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

      Moisturising is vital for people with sensitive skin to help prevent further problems like the ones mentioned above. Using the right kind of moisturiser can make all the difference and one of the best moisturisers for sensitive skin that you can find in the market is Retinol by Robanda. So, why is moisture important? moisturising reduces the chances of skin problems moisturising can reduce the appearance of blemishes moisturising fights wrinkles.

       If you haven’t included moisturising in your skincare routine yet and still skeptical about it, you can try the Best Basics Bundle from Retinol by Robanda that includes Daily Renewal Cream, Nightly Renewal Cream and Anti-ageing Hand Cream.

      Why use an eye cream?

      You may have asked yourself these questions once or twice, “is eye cream important?” or “do I really need to use an eye cream?”. You may not have your answers yet but let us tell you why you MUST have one NOW.

      Eye creams are specifically made for the delicate skin around your eyes. They contain active ingredients aimed to help the problems you usually experience around the eyes.

      Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by aging and sun damage but did you know that squinting and constant movement of your eyes can hasten their appearance? Dark circles on the other hand can develop from aging, genes, sun damage, and blood build-up. Lastly, puffiness.

      The good news is that all these eye problems can be prevented with one of the best eye creams for sensitive skin on the market. Try the Retinol Active Renewal Eye Gel from Retinol by Robanda. This eye gel will encourage collagen and elastin production in your eye area, minimizing the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

      If you’re looking for new skincare products or looking for a good product to add to your routine, look no further! Retinol by Robanda has products for the eyes, face, and even hands that are anti-aging, paraben-free, and safe for sensitive skin.

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