Hand Cream & Care

When it comes to taking care of our skin, most of the time we only focus on our faces and neglect the other parts of the body such as our hands. Our hands go through a lot of work may it be in the office or at home.

 Some say that you can often tell a person’s age depending on their hands. That's why it's important that we also give them that extra TLC that they deserve!

 There’s a lot of ways to care for your hands but we narrowed it down to a few essential tips to maintain healthy and youthful-looking hands. 


Your Hands Need That Extra TLC!

 According to dermatologists, “dry, scaly skin, brittle nails, and dark age spots can become problems as people get older.” Veins also become more noticeable as you age because you lose a good amount of soft tissue. Wrinkles also add up to these skin issues as you get older. One simple way of caring for your hands is religiously moisturising and hydrating with a good hand moisturiser.

Hydrate And Moisturise

Especially now, washing your hands frequently and applying alcohol dries up the skin and causes it to look dull. Applying a hand lotion as a habit after every time you wash your hands brings back the hydration and moisturisation it needs.

Don't forget to also include your fingernails and cuticles when moisturising to keep them looking healthy. If you have naturally dry skin, it's best to consider using hand cream made for dry skin. A good hand cream would provide everything you need for hand care.

What’s The Best Hand Cream For You?

 We suggest going for a hand cream with SPF already. Yes, you heard it right, hands need sunscreen too! It gives you that extra moisturisation and at the same time protects your hands from intense and harmful UV rays that damage your skin. There are countless options on the hand cream you can use but it's better to start with skin products you know will work!

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