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What Is Natural & Organic Skincare?

One of the common misconceptions when it comes to natural & organic skincare is that they are less effective and cause skin irritation for some skin types. Long gone are the days when choosing natural skincare products compromised the effectiveness of the products! With advancements revolving around natural & organic skincare, they are no longer inferior to other skincare products. Now, beauty enthusiasts are embracing sustainable, cruelty-free and eco-friendly beauty products that don’t harm the environment. With this in mind, what does it mean for a product to be natural & organic?

Natural Skincare means beauty products that are made with plant-based and natural ingredients.

Organic Skincare means that the ingredients used are sustainable, organically-farmed, not artificial and chemically made (paraben and sulfate-free), no GMOs(genetically modified organisms) and underwent the strict regulations of the FDA. 

Not all beauty products can be placed under organic skincare since there needs to be a certain percentage of organic ingredients (This number varies from state to state) to place “made with organic ingredients” on its label. So you know when a product is labeled as natural and organic skincare, it’s made with all the good stuff and you are getting the best skincare products for you.

How to Know What Natural And Organic Products To Get

Check the ingredients
A lot of brands now are claiming that their products are natural & organic. Sometimes, that is not the case. Your best option is to go over the ingredients and check if natural or plant-based ingredients were used.

Know the percentage of organic matter
Another way for you to tell if a product is good for you is by checking the natural and organic percentage of a product. This should be included in the product description of the skincare product.

Watch Out For Natural & Organic Certifications
For you to check that you are getting certified organic skin care products, take time to look if the product has legitimate certifications.
In Australia, one of the most popular is the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) that is an accredited certifier under COSMOS (Cosmetic Organic and Natural Standard). COSMOS is a strictly regulated, internationally recognised certification and the only standard developed for natural and organic cosmetics. They ensure the full sustainable traceability of an entire formulation and the processes by which it is produced up to the packaging of the products.
You can see the logos below in the product’s packaging if it’s COSMOS Organic or COSMOS Natural certified:

With these certifications, you are assured that the products you are getting are indeed natural and organic.

Why You Need To Try Natural & Organic Skincare?

When you incorporate natural and organic products into your skincare routine:

You are promoting a more sustainable lifestyle and helping out the environment.

You are also saying no to animal cruelty.

You are in the right place of supporting innovative businesses that are doing the right thing and care about the environment.

If you are looking for the best natural beauty and organic skin care products, try checking out this new kid in the block - CROP NATURAL. They stand for sustainably manufactured, certified organic, dermatologically-tested products and inclusive beauty for all skin types.

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