Maelys VIRTUE - Anti Aging Neck Cream 50ml

"The texture and smell are to die for - and the results are amazing!" - Rosalie Collins

Maelys VIRTUE - Anti Aging Neck Cream 50ml


Need to give some love to that part of your face under your chin? It’s time for your neck to look years younger. Our unique formula provides the feeling of being silky smooth while also tightening and firming your neck. Each jar contains 1.6 fl oz (50ml).

See results from the 2nd jar:
VIRTUE Neck Cream
(Total $76.00 )
2 X VIRTUE Neck Firming Cream
$60.50 each
(Total $121.00 )
3 X VIRTUE Neck Firming Cream
$55.00 each
(Total $165.00 )
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Elegance And Grace

We’ve got our skin care routines hammered out alright, but...there’s something else that needs just as much love as our faces.

Give your neck some lovin’ with VIRTUE, and get in return a beautiful, youthful look that goes well beyond your jawline.

Reduces Wrinkles
Reduces Wrinkles
Promotes long-term wrinkle reduction with regular use
Tighter, Smoother Skin
Stunning Glow Effect
Stunning Glow Effect
Vitamin-rich algae extract brings out your skin’s beautiful, natural glow
Improves Skin Tone
Improves Skin Tone
Active ingredients dive deep to strengthen skin and improve its tone
Accelerates Restoration
Accelerates Restoration
Pro-vitamin B5 replenishes and restores sensitive and delicate skin
Improves Texture
Improves Texture
Allantoin moisturizes deeply for a wonderfully smooth texture
Increases Moisture
Increases Moisture
Boosts (and maintains) your moisture levels all day long
Wonderfully Nourishing Ingredients
Shea butter
Promotes skin elasticity
Almond oil
Softens and smooths your skin
Provitamin B5
Stimulates natural skin rejuvenation
3 Steps to a Younger Neck
Apply the cream to your neck and neckline
Massage gently until completely absorbed
Use every morning and evening for best results

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