GLO24K Supreme Cleansing Set

GLO24K Supreme Cleansing Set

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GLO24K Supreme Cleansing Set is a must-have for anyone seeking to maintain a healthy, radiant appearance and a fresh, optimally balanced skin. This Supreme Set includes our Detoxifying Peeling Gel, AM Day Cream, PM Night Cream, 24k Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, and Foaming Cleanser. Maintaining a clean, purified, and hydrated skin is the key to any beauty regimen and this Supreme Cleansing Set includes everything you need for the right daily routine for a fresh, rejuvenated appearance. 

We recommend using the Peeling Gel, Exfoliating Cleanser, and Foaming Cleanser every 2-3 days and alternate between the two. We also suggest following a thorough cleanse or exfoliation with the Day or Night Cream. Apply the Creams daily even if not using the Peeling Gel or Exfoliating in order to keep your skin at an optimal hydration level. This Set is a 24/7 protection to your skin against any environmental hazards. All items are suitable for all skin types.

GLO24K Supreme Cleansing Set
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What are the benefits of Gold?

Since the time of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt applying Gold Masks to her skin to keep it youthful and radiant, we have known about the incredible anti-aging benefits that Gold, the perfect natural antioxidant, could produce. Today, 24k Gold facial treatments have become the hottest trend and everyone is integrating 24k Gold facials into their beauty routines, and with good reason. This is why we designed a golden collection GLO24k, full of gold, giving everyone a chance to Glow.

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