Terms of Use

  1. General
    1. The use of Cosmetics Squad’ Website is subject to the terms below and is indicative of a consent thereto. Every Website user accepts and agrees to the Terms & Conditions and agrees to raising no arguments against Cosmetics Squad or Cosmetics Squad’ product marketer, or any on its behalf, other than arguments related to a breach of the obligations included in these Terms & Conditions.
  2. Products
    1. Company may revise, at its sole discretion and at any time, the Website content and the products sold therein. The mere fact that a certain product was put up for sale on the Website on a certain date does not guarantee the continued offering of such product on the Website in the future. Company does not guarantee any minimum volume, availability or selection.
  3. Purchasing Products on the Website
    1. Subject to the provisions of these Terms & Conditions, any lawful holder of a valid credit card may purchase products on Cosmetics Squad’ Website, provided they have given the information requested during the purchase process. All PayPal users may also purchase products on Cosmetics Squads Website subject to PayPal’s terms of use and agreement with Company.
    2. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, Company may disallow a certain client to purchase products on the Website – due to any reason whatsoever, even in the event such client has already ordered products on Website in the past. Without derogating from the aforesaid hereinabove, Company may void clients’ eligibility to place Website transactions in any of the following cases:
      • Incorrect details were provided by the client during Website registration;
      • Client’s action or inaction impacts or might impact Website or Company or any third parties;
      • Services of Cosmetics Squad’ Website were used by client to carry out an illegal act under the laws of the State of Israel or to allow, aid, abet or encourage the carrying out of such act;
      • Client’s breach of the terms of this Agreement.
      • Company shall conduct a credit card check through a clearing company for each transaction payment; the transaction will be approved subject to the credit company’s approval. No transactions will be approved for holders of blocked and/or restricted-use credit cards.
      • In areas with limited access due to security reasons, Cosmetics Squad may place products for clients in an acceptable, nearby location, to be coordinated in advance.
  4. Dates and Supply
    1. It is hereby clarified that you shall have no argument, demand or suit against Company due to shipping, other than arguments related to a breach of the obligations included in these Terms & Conditions.
    2. It is clarified that Company shall not be held liable for delays resulting from incorrect details given by the user, or delays emanating from the shipping company.
  5. Changes and Cancellations
    1. The buyer may cancel the transaction pursuant to provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and/or Regulations (herein: Consumer Protection Law) as specified below.
    2. Client’s cancellation of a transaction / sale prior to product shipping: in the event Client is interested in cancelling a transaction / sale prior to shipping, they may do so by calling customer service at (1)877-4-Cosmetics Squad and giving their cancellation notice.
    3. In the event Client did not close their order, including due to failure to complete details, e.g. name and payment method number, within 14 days of placing the order, Company may cancel the order at its sole discretion.
    4. Post-shipping cancellation. A product can be returned within 14 days of purchase provided that no use was made, and it is returned in its original packaging. The product is meant for personal use only; opening the packaging shall be seen as product use.
    5. Shipping inspection: you are required to inspect the shipping contents immediately upon receiving it and compare it to both your order and the invoice given to you soon before the shipment, without delaying the courier. Any question or inquiry regarding the supplied order should be referred to customer service via Website’s Contact Page within 24 hours of delivery. In the event the product arrived in any faulty condition, Company shall ensure the supply of a new product to Client at its own expense.
  6. Pricing Updates
    1. Company may change product prices as specified below, at its sole discretion and without being required to provide prior notice.
  7. VAT
    1. All prices mentioned on the Cosmetics Squad Website are in AUD. Prices include VAT.
  8. Payment Method
    1. Website accepts payment via valid credit cards only or PayPal
    2. All PayPal users may buy Cosmetics Squad products subject to the terms of use.
    3. Cosmetics Squad reserves the right to stop accepting any payment method on Website, permit the use of other payment methods, and apply various payment arrangements for credit card types or payment methods accepted by Cosmetics Squad.
  9. Payment Terms and Schedule
    1. Payment terms and schedule shall be decided by Company. Possible payment dates and number of installments shall be displayed to your approval upon order confirmation.
  10. Promotions, Benefits and Discounts
    1. The Cosmetics Squad Website offers sales promotions, benefits and discounts to its clients. Company may offer promotions, benefits and various discounts on Website as per its needs, and may also, at any time, stop such promotions, benefits and discounts, replace or change them, without being required to provide prior notice.
    2. There will be no multiple promotions, benefits or discounts on Website.
  11. Amending These Terms & Conditions
    1. Company reserves the right to amend the provisions and terms of use of Website at any time it deems fit, at its absolute sole discretion. Users are responsible for reviewing the terms of use from time to time and see the updates.
  12. Miscellaneous
    1. Company shall take all reasonable steps to secure the information provided by the user. However, it is clarified that Company cannot perfectly secure its information system and communications against unauthorized penetration and prohibited use by third parties. Therefore, Company shall not be held liable, directly or indirectly, to unauthorized penetrations of others or as a result of actions and/or inactions not under Company’s control.
    2. This Website might allow its visitors to receive advice in various fields, whether by direct correspondence, articles, ads or other methods, and Cosmetics Squad and the Cosmetics Squad product marketer – Company, does not give advice or opinions concerning the advice provided on Website. It is hereby clarified that the advice provided on Website does not replace medical consultation; in light of that, any individual who suffers from any medical issue, including skin problems, allergies or any sensitivities – must consult with a physician prior to using the product. Cosmetics Squad and the Cosmetics Squad product marketer – Company, shall not be responsible for the nature of the advices provided on Website and shall not be held liable for the impact of recommended products.
    3. All copyrights and intellectual property rights whatsoever, in relation with any advertisement, content, article, design, application, file, software and any other material, whether physical or abstract, advertised on this Website or on behalf of Company are exclusively owned by Company. Any duplication, distribution, public display, provision to a third party or any commercial or non-commercial use is prohibited unless done with Company’s written, explicit and prior consent. Any question related to using the Website should be referred to Company via e-mail: customerservice@cosmeticssquad.com.au
    4. Use of the Website shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel.
    5. Exclusive jurisdiction in any matter resulting from use of the Website shall be given to the competent courts of law in Tel Aviv only.